Our Story

Our story has been 9 years in the making!

Our story starts in 2009. Joanne Edgley drove past the old UPS truck everyday to get work. At the time her husband, John Edgley, was unemployed. After being in the construction industry for so long it was time for a change. John loved to cook so naturally this was a match made in heaven.  

The couple bought the trailer below and got to work to get it open. Once they opened it it was a hit.

UPS truck that was converted into the first version of JJ's Country Diner

A few years later...

The couple decided that it was time for an upgrade. They said goodbye to their old green and pink UPS truck and purchased and custom made their new orange trailer! 

New JJ's Country Diner food truck, orange

Serving a wide range of poutines the family business made it into Cottage Life's Top 9 Chip Wagons as well as taking part in Brockville and Kemptville Ribfest as a food vendor. 


Finally after 9 years came a restaurant... 

JJ's Snack Shack listened to your wishes as well as their hearts and have purchased a sit down restaurant. The restaurant opened June 1st 2018. The menu includes all of your favourites as well as soups, salads, pastas, pizza and classic dishes.

JJ's Country Diner First Opening


JJ's Diner Staff - Tammy


JJ's Country Diner Staff - Harley & Sandy


We always came out stronger...

Not only did JJ's Country Diner experience the ups and downs to the business due to the Covid Pandemic in 2020 to 2021, But the family restaurant was hit hard on September 28, 2021 when they were quickly awoken early that morning by a staff member telling them that their restaurant was on fire!!


JJ's Country Diner during September 2021 fire


Owners John and Joanne Edgley were forced to close the restaurant due to the fire and smoke damage.  There was extensive damage throughout the entire building. There were many challenges along the rebuild way such as building supplies and equipment shortages, delays in obtaining permits and approvals. It took a long 7 months with many obstacles and setbacks along the way, but the Edgley's stuck together, with the help of their family, friends and staff, they finally made it to the finish line and reopened May 3, 2022.


Thank you to the community for the support and words of encouragement along the journey!

The family looks forward to serving you!

JJ's Family Photo in front of JJ's Country Diner